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Our Vision

Building the Pink Tower (working title) is a documentary film project that aims to reframe the national education conversation around creating learning environments that support children achieving their full potential.  We want to expand this conversation to include the proven, development and child-centered practices of Montessori education because ALL children, regardless of background and learning style, deserve the opportunity to flourish in learning and in life.

What is the purpose of education?  We believe it should be to help children become well-rounded, successful people who are self-directed, creative, collaborative problem-solvers.  With this goal in mind, what kind of learning environment will best develop these skills? 
Montessori educates the whole child, engages parents and delivers results. Child development and education experts can now provide data that supports how Montessori, originally created 100 years ago for the poorest children in the slums of Rome, can benefit all children in this country.
The Montessori philosophy is grounded in the science of human development based on an understanding that every brain is “wired to learn.” Each classroom is designed for hands-on learning - guided by teachers trained to interpret stages of intellectual and physical development – so that all children blossom into self-directed and enthusiastic learners.  

We seek to shift how policy makers think about schools away from rigid standards, and towards holistic learning that respects the innate ability of all children to learn. All children deserve the chance to achieve their full potential. This film will share how the Montessori approach honors every child's ability to learn, and how our changing world requires a learning approach that is both grounded in proven science and flexible enough for children from all backgrounds to thrive. 
The stories include learning environments in Milwaukee, Dallas, St. Louis, Saint Paul, and a rural farm in Wisconsin. The film will view Montessori education through the eyes of experts, educators, parents, and, of course, children sharing success stories in public district, public charters and independent schools.
Co-Directors Jan Selby and Vina Kay are creating a powerful and engaging documentary film that will take viewers into high performing Montessori learning environments around the United States (from infants in home environments through high school classrooms), articulate key elements of Montessori education that impact student outcomes, and demonstrate how Montessori schools are achieving success in different settings and communities, across race and class. 

What is the Pink Tower?

The Pink Tower is an important Montessori material at the Children's House (three to six year old) level. The ten wood cubes painted pink allow young children to develop coordination and understand dimension as they build the tower, from the largest cube to the smallest.  
The working title of our project, Building the Pink Tower, takes its inspiration from this material.  We are inspired, like the young children in a Montessori classroom, to build a beautiful story, and learn something along the way.

Please help in any way you can to Build the Pink Tower that will be this documentary film. 

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