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Posted by on 18 December 2017


It’s been a while since we last updated our blog! We are excited to tell you more about our progress with the film and our experience at the International Montessori Congress (IMC) in Prague.

This past summer we were invited to screen a rough cut of our film at the IMC on the opening night of the Congress. We had over 500 people in the audience! We were there to share our progress and to request feedback. We appreciate all the valuable comments we received via our online survey and in person.

We were warmly embraced by people from around the world who came to our screening. As filmmakers – but mostly as fellow travelers in a quest for peace through education – we were humbled by the support and took questions and critique seriously. It is difficult to make public the work that we have held closely for several years. We are grateful to a community that, just as they do in classroom environments throughout the world, supports our vision with love.

We have learned so much in the process of making this film, and our rough cut screening and other events at the International Montessori Congress in Prague taught us even more. As parents, this project has always been a labor of love – for a kind of education and community that has inspired us through our own children. Seeing the intensity of commitment among Montessorians from around the globe who have dedicated their life’s work to welcoming children into the magic of learning through the Montessori method is both humbling and energizing.

We feel a deep obligation to this community of educators, peacemakers, and revolutionaries.

At the Congress, we witnessed speakers from around the world share their perspectives on the future of our society – and how education plays such a crucial role in defining that. And we were all inspired by the adolescents who shared their work during the first adolescent summit of imagining a future together, fueled by the innovation of young people learning today in Montessori schools throughout the world.

“Adolescents are 50% of the population, but we are 100% of the future,” declared one adolescent leader to the Congress participants.

We met Montessorians from Thailand (Vina’s family’s home country) who shared a joyful enthusiasm and reverence for the beauty of Montessori in the lives of their country’s young children. Thailand will be the host country for the next International Montessori Congress in 2021.

The Congress organizers shared a video that captures the memories from our days together in Prague.

Since traveling to Prague, we have been focused on taking in feedback, refining stories, and gathering the last of the footage for the final film. We are considering what we learned at the Congress and adjusting the film to address what we heard. We are also staying true to our vision of making Montessori better known to the public as a real solution to gaps in education in the United States and throughout the world.

Although we have been delayed by scheduling challenges and limited financial resources, while always balancing our full-time jobs, we remain committed to finishing the film in 2018. We are excited to share it with the community that has inspired us, and in turn inspiring the rest of the world with what Montessori education can promise.

We continue to raise funds to cover costs associated with postproduction. We appreciate all your donations and your willingness to share our project with others. Thank you!

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