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Help Wanted: Looking for the Montessori Mafia

Posted by on 10 April 2012

Last spring, a blog post appeared in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Montessori Mafia.” I was intrigued. Writer Peter Sims explores what connects some of our most creative innovators, people like Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and videogame inventor Will Wright. All benefitted, at least in their early educations, from Montessori environments where they had the freedom to explore and pursue their passions. Read the article:

Google guys Page and Brin talked about their Montessori experiences in an interview with Barbara Walters:

And videogame designer Wright spoke at the TED conference about the impact of Montessori materials, and the importance of failure and discovering concepts himself. That was the learning that stuck for him.

How do we import similarly inspiring environments to other schools and to all ages, so that children today can lead lives full of discovery? Our Building the Pink Tower film project seeks to begin answering that question by looking at Montessori environments. We want to figure out what is working and how to apply it more broadly.

It’s going to take some funding to make our movie, and we sure could use help from the Montessori Mafia. Maybe they would be interested in making sure all children have the chance to learn in the stimulating, creative environments that nurtured them. If you know any of them, please share our trailer ( and let them know we are looking for their support.

--Vina Kay

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