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Documentary Film Update – AMS & IMC

Posted by on 14 April 2017

Building the Pink Tower at AMS Conference

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We are grateful for our experience at the American Montessori Society’s Annual Conference in late March 2017 in San Diego. Read More.

Building Together at the Montessori for Social Justice Conference

Posted by on 27 June 2016

I slipped into the back of the auditorium and immediately felt the energy in the room. The first day of the Montessori Social Justice conference was a training in anti-racism, anti-bias offered by Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training and supported by AMS. It was afternoon, and usually a low energy time of day – after lunch, in a cool, dark auditorium on a summer day. I had stepped outside to take a phone call and a walk around the block in the warm sun. Read More.

Does education have a future?

Posted by on 20 May 2016
Does education have a future? That is the question that guides the film project that Jan Selby and I embarked on several years ago. Now we are in full swing, working to bring to life the beautiful stories we are discovering about what Montessori education has to offer our shared future.
We’ve come a long way since the first spark of inspiration to make a film that tells the story we have experienced through our own children. Read More.

The Power of Observation, the Emergence of Story

Posted by on 07 June 2015

As a parent, one of the things I learned early on from my children’s Montessori school was the importance of observation in the Montessori method. On my first visit to a classroom I was instructed to quietly go to a chair in the corner of the room and simply sit and silently observe. I was not to interact with children, except to nod politely.  In an elementary classroom, I could respond graciously to an offer of tea. The children hardly noticed me, but as I became comfortable with my own stillness and quiet, I noticed them more fully. Read More.

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