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With your help ... Building the Pink Tower will be a documentary film that reimagines schools and learning through the lens of Montessori education. In a climate of concern and criticism about schools, Building the Pink Tower will remind us of what we want in education: eager learning, creative thinking, and collaborative work. The film will change the debate about education by showing how the 100-year-old Montessori method nurtures the imagination of children and lays a solid foundation for their success in life. 

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I slipped into the back of the auditorium and immediately felt the energy in the room. The first day of the Montessori Social...
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Does education have a future?

Does education have a future? That is the question that guides the film project that Jan Selby and I embarked on several years...
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The Power of Observation, the Emergence of Story

As a parent, one of the things I learned early on from my children’s Montessori school was the importance of observation in...
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